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Please check back for further news about upcoming events from Leeds33. We can’t wait to reveal more.

KS3: LEEDS 2023: Smeaton300 — CREST Awards

John Smeaton’s life began and ended in Leeds, yet his influence reached right around the globe. A self-taught engineer, instrument maker and astronomer, Smeaton is recognised as the father of civil engineering in the UK. Smeaton was the inspiration for Smeaton300, an artistic programme which spanned art, physics, maths, space, computing and technology to inspire […]

KS2: The Wild Escape

LEEDS 2023 teamed up with Art Fund and Leeds Museums and Galleries to create learning resources for schools to take part in The Wild Escape – a major new project uniting hundreds of museums and schools in a celebration of UK wildlife and creativity. Resources were created based on UK native creatures found commonly in […]

KS2: LEEDS 2023: Forest — Under Our Feet Resource

As part of This is a FOREST, LEEDS 2023 developed a creative learning programme for schools to engage in the project’s themes, exploring land use and considering what might happen if we work with, and not against nature. LEEDS 2023 commissioned freelance creative producer May McQuade to develop a scheme of work entitled Under Our […]

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