KS2: LEEDS 2023: Children’s Day Reimagined — Your Rights Your Voice Resources

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This resource was produced by Rowan Beaumont for LEEDS 2023 and Child Friendly Leeds to accompany the Children’s Day: Re-imagined tour to schools for KS2, in December 2023.  The content of the pack is designed for KS2 learners and follows elements of the Citizenship curriculum. It explores the UN Declaration of Human Rights which had its 75th anniversary in 2023.

“Hear Us!” is a joyous song for primary aged children produced as part of the Children’s Day: Re-Imagined project by LEEDS 2023. The song is an original commission by Leeds based composer Emily Levy, and was written to celebrate the voice of the child. For Children’s Day: Re-imagined in July 2023, children from all over Leeds came together to sing the song in Roundhay Park. In December 2023, a further 900 children were taught the song in their schools as part of the Children’s Day: Re-imagined Autumn tour to schools. The song is now freely available for all schools to learn and enjoy singing, and there are accompanying learning resources about the Rights of the Child, produced by LEEDS 2023 and Child Friendly Leeds, also available on MyLearning.

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End of Year Message

And suddenly it’s December! As we wind down towards the end of the year, it feels the right time to reflect on what has been achieved this year as a partnership! We have continued to strengthen work in our priority areas: Youth Voice, Skills and Progression, Advocacy and Comms, and Health and Wellbeing.

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