Opportunity: Be an Active Part of the New LeedsCEP

Welcoming new roles and ways to get involved.

Welcoming new roles and ways to get involved 

LeedsCEP has gone through a period of reflection and consultation this last six months. Back in November, we held a workshop for members about the value of the LCEP and what benefit members wanted it to have for them. This was followed by two half-day workshops each digging deep into what our four Priority Areas actually meant and how we could deliver on them – basically, what we wanted to do! Various ‘Delivery Plans’ began to take shape against our Four Priority Areas:

  • Advocacy & Access
  • Youth Voice
  • Progression & Skills
  • Health & Well-being

From these workshops it became apparent that members didn’t want to just ‘talk and share’ but to ‘do’ and work together.

What we found out

Our current Steering Group was too big, and there needed to be more space for action. We needed a smaller Steering Group that could steer and advocate and influence at a strategic level.   Members wanted to get involved in an active way, bringing their expertise and interest into ‘action groups’ to share knowledge and best practice and develop collaborative projects or new initiatives.  Members wanted to get together more, to network and to bring in wider representation, particularly from the education and community sectors so that we could understand each other better, our shared needs and opportunities.  All this thinking and talking has led to a restructure and new ways of working.

What we are doing

We are recruiting for a new smaller Steering Group who can represent the different sectors – cultural, community, education, commercial and local government.  The new Steering Group role focuses on strategy and making sure we are delivering on our promises made in the LeedsCEP Action Plan

We are setting up ‘Priority Pods’, led by a Pod Leader, which will drive forward activity related to that priority area. Any LeedsCEP member can join any number of pods and contribute ideas and thinking and get involved in activity.

We are recruiting Pod Leaders who will also be part of the Steering Group.

There was a real desire to involve young people in our governance and our work. Our next step, probably for our ‘Youth Voice Pod’ is to look at how we can support this.

Some members just wanted to be kept informed and in the loop. All LeedsCEP members will receive our emails, newsletters and be kept informed of Pod meetings, work being done, networking opportunities, member news etc. Sign up as a LeedsCEP member

How to get involved

Role Descriptions for the Steering Group and for Pod Leader can be found here: Role description

Take a few minutes to fill in this questionnaire to let us know how you’d like to be involved with LeedsCEP. If you would like to be on the Steering Group, be a Priority Pod Leader or a member of a Priority Pod – use this form to express your interest.

Alternatively, email your Expression of Interest to LeedsCEP@leeds2023.co.uk

Deadline for both roles:  Friday 13th May

Selection will be made by the LeedsCEP Executive Group by Friday 20th May.

If you would like an informal chat about these roles, please contact Briony Thomas, LeedsCEP Chair on B.G.Thomas@leeds.ac.uk

Scheduled Steering Group meetings:  Thursday 16th June, 2-3.30pm.  


End of Year Message

And suddenly it’s December! As we wind down towards the end of the year, it feels the right time to reflect on what has been achieved this year as a partnership! We have continued to strengthen work in our priority areas: Youth Voice, Skills and Progression, Advocacy and Comms, and Health and Wellbeing.

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